• Esin Mi
    Esin Mi
    'Both Christian and muslim serve the same God", This was the saying of femi as he tricked Aishat to marry her irrespective of their different religion. Things take a twist after their marriage which causes more harm than good.
  • Victims
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  • Mr and Mrs Onoja
    Mr and Mrs Onoja
    Ramsey, a rich and handsome casanova entraps himself in Casey's web of fury when he decides to treat her like every other girl he had met. The effect of what she does to him afterwards, changes his live forever
  • Iseju Kan
    Iseju Kan
    The seed of discord is sown in the lives of a mother and her daughter, when the mother's promiscuous way with men young enough to be her son, leads her to the arms of her daughter's fiance. The aftermath of this affair will change their lives forever
  • Beyond Disability
    Beyond Disability
    Paul's generosity leads him to helping a disabled young girl, bringing out the best her. He is yet to find out that this disabled stranger is much more than he had ever imagined.
  • One Night In Vegas
    One Night In Vegas
    A couple try to enhance their troubled relationship with a trip to Las Vegas, the events that occur don’t go as planned but unlike the popular saying, ‘what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas""One Night In Vegas" is a thrilling Nollywood movie about relationships, friendship and betrayal.
  • Shadow
  • Anger
    Due to Adunola's experiences in the past, she gives a cold shoulder to any guy that comes around her. Fate fortunately leads her to a promising young man but her attitude puts his life on the online.
  • Ayomide
    A young lady is raped a night to her wedding by her own best friend. In the bid to take revenge on him, her father's actions complicates the issue the more due to his undying love for her.
  • Oloburo
    Two love birds are so much in love with each other to the extent that No sword can cut through the wall of their love. But the prince covetous attitude toward oyinkansola turn the sweet love story into a tragic one.
  • Diana's Verdict
    Diana's Verdict
    An abused wife murders her husband and reports to the police. Only the truth about what really happened at the crime scene can determine her fate
  • Egan
    Perosola finally conceives after much delay in having a child with her loving husband, but her arrogant attitude and bad-temper cause her great and unbearable pain.
  • Lori Afefe
    Lori Afefe
    After the sudden conviction of mr dasilva in the Uk, his wife tries as much as possible to control her sexual urge but to no avail. Soon she meets a guy through a mobile chat and she invites him over, not knowing that this could be the worst mistake of her life.
  • Being Mrs Elliot
    Being Mrs Elliot
    Lara a beautiful society lady had everything going well for her; a lovely home, highly successful career and a cool-headed handsome husband. A freak accident changed all that and turned her world topsy-turvy. There is a thin line between this drastic change and what she's used to but then she is faced with the onerous task of choosing which one.
  • Pitan
    Pitan and Gbebe are best of friends, their love for each others family is immeasurable. Soon gbebe's covetous attitude towards pitan's family sets a seed of discord among both parties which leads to an unfavourable and unimaginable ending.
  • Aruga
    A rich man adopts tomilola from cradle after the sudden death of her mother. Her proud, insolent and unruly behaviour towards everyone around her leads her father to unveil a shocking truth about her identity.
  • Koto
    Keji is diagnosed of leukemia and is in urgent need of a blood transfusion.During this process, hidden and strange secrets of her maternity are being unveiled.
  • Triangle
    Three sisters with previous bad experiences with men, seem to later find true love in the same man. This raises dust between the siblings but strangely results in much joy and satisfaction in the end
  • Just Married
    Just Married
    After being forced into marriage by her parents, Efe is faced with the challenges of living with a man she barely knows. She is left with no other choice than to work her way through to happiness, no matter how difficult it may seem.
  • Abike
    A troublesome housewife suspected her husband of infidelity. She embarrassed him constantly and in public whenever she sights him with another woman. Her desperation to have her husband to herself led her to take some drastic measures.
  • Iwalesin
    An aged mother decided to stay with her son and his family. Suddenly, her son's wife and daughter ganged up against her to frustrate her into leaving but her good nature didn't allow their evil machination come to pass.
  • Etan
    A young lady who desperately wanted her husband's care and attention showed her sister-in-law more love than her sister. She suffered some setbacks but later realized that she was the architect of her own misfortune.
  • Tani Aseni
    Tani Aseni
    A young man who wanted power by all means was mandated to commit an abominable act. After achieving his new found power, he oppressed and harassed his victims which later came back to haunt him in the future.
  • Forever Within Us
    Forever Within Us
    Six friends go to visit an old time friend for a reunion but things got out of hand when infidelity was suspected. To keep the secret, they made a pact among themselves but things weren't what they thought.
  • October 1
    October 1
    Here is the First Official Trailer of the movie 'October 1'. It's September 1960 and Nigeria's is on the verge of independence from British colonial rule. A northern Nigerian Police Detective, DAN WAZIRI, is urgently despatched by the Colonial Government to the trading post town of Akote in the Western Region of Nigeria to solve a series of female murders that have struck horror in the hearts and minds of the local community. On getting to Akote, more murders are committed. With local tension rising, Waziri has a race on his hands to solve the case before even more local women are killed.
  • Binta Ofege
    Binta Ofege
    A young beautiful lady Binta thought she was a master scammer until she met her match. They both decide to team up and in the course of one of their operations together, things didn't work out the way they planned. Unknown to her, she inadvertently paved the way for another's success.
  • Facade
    A civil servant desires to make a change for himself and his society but he is faced with a lot of challenges. The odds were against him when he was fingered for murder and lost his wife at about the same time but he struggled all the same and when he finally succeeded, he found out that things are not what they seem.
  • Silence
    Ebunoluwa was a young lady who was traumatized from childhood by constant abuse. She was forced into a pre-arranged union and her life was a living hell. Things got out of control and she decided to take matters into her own hands.
  • Cobweb
    Cobweb tells the story of a young boy, Sam (Uti Nwachukwu); whose father Akiga (Funsho Adeolu) desperately wanted him to become a professor but despite his father’s warnings, Sam proved his father wrong and ended up a brilliant success.
  • The Heartbreaker's Revenge
    The Heartbreaker's Revenge
    It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; that seems to be the case of a dutiful housewife whose cheating husband has been paid back with an usual revenge before his very own eyes. Revenge is sweet but while seeking it, dig two graves - one for yourself. An edgy and intriguing thriller filled with suspense.
  • Phone Swap
    Phone Swap
    Akin and Mary bumped into each other and accidentally swapped their identical phones.This unusual turn in event and mistaken text message caused a change in location and they had to do each others biddings. They experience a new world from their ordinary lifestyle and found true love.
  • Bella
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but in reality, our 'beauty' is judged by everyone we meet; so is the story of 'Bella', a beautiful, well trained and literate lady with tribal marks on her face. This movie explains the trauma and challenges people with tribal marks face on daily basis but how this younglady tackled hers is an eye opener.
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  • The Perfect Plan
    The Perfect Plan
    A blind mother gives her son an ultimatum to get married so she can hear the voices of her grandchildren before she dies, not being able to get his ‘ever busy’ girlfriend to spend time with his mother, he comes up with a perfect plan- a plan that will change the course of destiny.